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Plus Size Hospital Gowns 3X and 10X
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Product Description:

MDT011147XXXZ - Solid Blue, Demure Cloth, (4.1 oz./sq. yd.), 74" sweep, 53" length, 2" in-sleeve, I.V. Sleeves (Snap Down the Sholder) with telemetry pocket, 3XL

MDT01149910XZ - Spectrum Print(displayed on this model), Galaxy Cloth, tan, 107" sweep, 49" length, 4" in-sleeve, regular sleeve, 10 XL

MDT01184710XZ - Demure Print, Demure Cloth, white (4.1 oz./sq. yd.), 107" Sweep, 49" length, 4" in-sleeve, I.V. Sleeve (Snap Down the Sholder), 10XL

590YXR Royal Blue, 4.1 oz/sq yd, 52'' length 109 $22.00 " sweep, 6 1/2" in-sleeve 10XL

These oversized patient gowns provide plenty of extra room. We even offer a legitimate ten-extra-large size to fit your needs. All gowns feature a tieside closure for complete coverage and patient modesty. Choose from three diffrent styles. Solid blue, Spectrum Print, Demure Print.
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